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How to Convert Cubic Yards to Tons?

To convert cubic yards to tons, you need to know the density of the material in pounds per cubic yard (lbs/cubic yard). Here's the formula: Tons = Cubic Yards × Density.

Here's how:

  • Get the Cubic Yards: Measure or obtain the volume of the material in cubic yards.
  • Get the Density: Find out the density of the material in pounds per cubic yard. This value can vary depending on the material.
  • Multiply Cubic Yards by Density: Multiply the volume in cubic yards by the density in pounds per cubic yard. This gives the weight in pounds.
  • Convert Pounds to Tons: Since a ton is equal to 2000 pounds, divide the weight in pounds by 2000 to get the weight in tons.

Convert 10 Cubic Yards to Tons:

For example, let's say you have 10 cubic yards of gravel with a density of 2800 lbs/cubic yard:

Tons = 10 × 2800 lbs/cubic yard
Tons = 28000 lbs
Tons = 28000 ÷ 2000 tons = 14 tons

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