Convert Px to Character

Convert Pixels (X) to Characters (X)



How to Convert Pixel (X) to Character (X)?

To convert pixels to characters, you need to establish a conversion factor that represents the number of pixels per character. Here's a straightforward approach:

  1. Determine the Conversion Factor: You need to decide how many pixels correspond to one character. This ratio depends on factors like font size, font type, and the aspect ratio of characters.
  2. Apply the Conversion Factor: Once you have the conversion factor, you can multiply the number of pixels by this factor to obtain the equivalent number of characters.

Here's a simple formula: Number of Pixels ÷ Pixels per Character = Number of Characters

For example, if you decide that one character is equivalent to 8 pixels, then to convert 24 pixels to characters:

Number of Characters = 24 ÷ 8 = 3

So, 24 pixels would correspond to 3 characters in this case.

Conversion Table

1 pixel0.125 characters
2 pixels0.25 characters
3 pixels0.375 characters
4 pixels0.5 characters
5 pixels0.625 characters
6 pixels0.75 characters
7 pixels0.875 characters
8 pixels1 character
9 pixels1.125 characters
10 pixels1.25 characters
11 pixels1.375 characters
12 pixels1.5 characters
13 pixels1.625 characters
14 pixels1.75 characters
15 pixels1.875 characters
16 pixels2 characters
17 pixels2.125 characters
18 pixels2.25 characters
19 pixels2.375 characters
20 pixels2.5 characters