Convert Inches to Pixels

Convert Inches to Pixels (inch to px)




Inches to Pixels Converter

An Inches to Pixels Converter facilitates the seamless transition between physical measurements and digital dimensions. Ideal for digital projects or image sizing, this tool simplifies the process of converting inches to pixels, providing accuracy and ease of use.

Inches to Pixels Formula

The formula for converting inches to pixels is: Pixels = Inches × Pixels Per Inch (PPI). PPI, or Pixels Per Inch, defines the resolution and influences the clarity of visual content on screens or in print.

What is PPI

PPI, or Pixels Per Inch, is a critical metric determining the resolution of digital displays or images. It quantifies the number of pixels within a one-inch area, impacting the detail and quality of visual elements.

How many pixels is an inch?

The pixel count in an inch is determined by multiplying the Inches by the Pixels Per Inch (PPI) value. This calculation is essential for achieving precision when translating physical measurements to digital dimensions.

Conversion Table

1 inches96px
2 inches192px
3 inches288px
4 inches384px
5 inches480px
6 inches576px
7 inches672px
8 inches768px
9 inches864px
10 inches960px
11 inches1056px
12 inches1152px
13 inches1248px
14 inches1344px
15 inches1440px
16 inches1536px
17 inches1632px
18 inches1728px
19 inches1824px
20 inches1920px
21 inches2016px
22 inches2112px
23 inches2208px
24 inches2304px
25 inches2400px
26 inches2496px
27 inches2592px
28 inches2688px
29 inches2784px
30 inches2880px
31 inches2976px
32 inches3072px
33 inches3168px
34 inches3264px
35 inches3360px
36 inches3456px
37 inches3552px
38 inches3648px
39 inches3744px
40 inches3840px
41 inches3936px
42 inches4032px
43 inches4128px
44 inches4224px
45 inches4320px
46 inches4416px
47 inches4512px
48 inches4608px
49 inches4704px
50 inches4800px