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How to convert Inches to twip?

To convert inches to twips (twentieths of a point), you can use the following formula: Twips = Inches × 1440

1440 is the number of twips in an inch (since there are 72 points in an inch, and each point contains 20 twips).

So, for example, if you want to convert 2 inches to twips here is how: 2 inches × 1440 = 2880 Twips

So, 2 inches is equal to 2880 twips.

Conversion Table

1 inch1440 Twips
2 inches2880 Twips
3 inches4320 Twips
4 inches5760 Twips
5 inches7200 Twips
6 inches8640 Twips
7 inches10080 Twips
8 inches11520 Twips
9 inches12960 Twips
10 inches14400 Twips