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Pixels to Inches Converter




Convert Pixels to Inches

Happy to see you here using my Pixel to Inches Converter tool. All you need to do is fill in the value of your PPI and the value of the pixels, then click the convert button to see the inches result.

How to Convert inches to Pixels?

To convert inches to pixels, you need to know the resolution or pixel density of the display you're working with. The conversion formula is: Pixels = Inches × Pixels per Inch (PPI)

For example, if you have a display with a PPI of 300 and you want to convert 2 inches to pixels here is what to do. 2 inches × 300 PPI = 600 pixels

Conversion Table

1 px0.010416666666667 Inches
2 px0.020833333333333 Inches
3 px0.03125 Inches
4 px0.041666666666667 Inches
5 px0.052083333333333 Inches
6 px0.0625 Inches
7 px0.072916666666667 Inches
8 px0.083333333333333 Inches
9 px0.09375 Inches
10 px0.10416666666667 Inches

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