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How to convert Inches to Meters?

1 inch is equal to 0.0254 meters. This is a fixed conversion factor.

The formula to convert inches to meters is: Length in inches × 0.0254 = Length in meters

So, if you have a certain length in inches and you want to convert it to meters, you just need to multiply that length by 0.0254.

For example, let's say you have a length of 20 inches that you want to convert to meters:

20 inches × 0.0254 = 0.508 meters

So, 20 inches is equal to 0.508 meters.

Conversion Table

1 inch0.0254 meters
2 inches0.0508 meters
3 inches0.0762 meters
4 inches0.1016 meters
5 inches0.127 meters
6 inches0.1524 meters
7 inches0.1778 meters
8 inches0.2032 meters
9 inches0.2286 meters
10 inches0.254 meters
11 inches0.2794 meters
12 inches0.3048 meters
13 inches0.3302 meters
14 inches0.3556 meters
15 inches0.381 meters
16 inches0.4064 meters
17 inches0.4318 meters
18 inches0.4572 meters
19 inches0.4826 meters
20 inches0.508 meters