Inch to Pica Converter

Convert Inches to Picas (inch to pc)



How to Convert Inches to Picas

To convert inches to picas, use the following formula: Inches ÷ 0.1667 = Picas

So, if you have a measurement in inches and you want to convert it to picas, simply divide the number of inches by 0.1667.

For example, if you want to convert 10 inches to picas, here's what to do: 10 inches ÷ 0.1667 ≈ 60 picas

So, 10 inches is approximately equal to 60 picas.

Conversion Table

1 inch6 pica
2 inches12 pica
3 inches18 pica
4 inches24 pica
5 inches30 pica
6 inches36 pica
7 inches42 pica
8 inches48 pica
9 inches54 pica
10 inches60 pica
11 inches66 pica
12 inches72 pica
13 inches78 pica
14 inches84 pica
15 inches90 pica