Miles to Yards Converter

Calculate Miles to Yards (mi to yd)



What is miles?

Miles are a unit of length measurement in the imperial system, commonly used for expressing distances in roadways or travel.

What is yards?

Yards are a unit of length in both the imperial and U.S. customary systems, commonly used for measuring shorter distances, equivalent to three feet or 36 inches.

How to convert Miles to Yards?

To convert miles to yards, you can use the fact that there are 1,760 yards in a mile. So, to convert miles to yards, you can use the following formula: Yards = Miles × 1760

For example, if you have 2 miles: Yards = 2 × 1760 = 3520 yards

So, 2 miles is equal to 3,520 yards.

Miles to yards Conversion Table

1 mile1760 yards
2 miles3520 yards
3 miles5280 yards
4 miles7040 yards
5 miles8800 yards
6 miles10560 yards
7 miles12320 yards
8 miles14080 yards
9 miles15840 yards
10 miles17600 yards
11 miles19360 yards
12 miles21120 yards
13 miles22880 yards
14 miles24640 yards
15 miles26400 yards
16 miles28160 yards
17 miles29920 yards
18 miles31680 yards
19 miles33440 yards
20 miles35200 yards