Km to Miles Converter

Convert Kilometers to Miles (km to mile)



How do you convert km to miles?

To convert kilometers to miles, for an approximate result, divide the length value by 0.621371. 1 kilometer equals 0.621371 miles.

For example, if you have 10 kilometers you want to convert to miles, here is what to do according to the formula: 10 km × 0.621371 miles = 6.21371 miles.

So, 10 kilometers is approximately equal to 6.21 miles.

Km to miles Conversion Table

1 km0.621371 miles
2 km1.242742 miles
3 km1.864113 miles
4 km2.485484 miles
5 km3.106855 miles
6 km3.728226 miles
7 km4.349597 miles
8 km4.970968 miles
9 km5.592339 miles