Convert Feet to Miles

Convert Feet to Miles (ft to mi)



How to convert Feet to Miles?

To convert feet to miles is a simple process. Use this formula to find any feet value you want to convert to miles: Feet ÷ 5280 = Miles

For example, if you want to convert 10,560 feet to miles here is waht to do:

10,560 feet ÷ 5280 = 2 miles

Conversion Table

1 ft0.000189394 miles
2 ft0.000378788 miles
3 ft0.000568182 miles
4 ft0.000757576 miles
5 ft0.00094697 miles
6 ft0.00113636 miles
7 ft0.00132575 miles
8 ft0.00151515 miles
9 ft0.00170455 miles
10 ft0.00189394 miles