Pixel to Point Converter

Convert Pixels to Points (px to pt)




How to Convert Pixels to Points?

Converting pixels to points depends on the resolution and size of the display or document you're working with. However, a common conversion factor is that 1 point (pt) is equal to 1÷72 of an inch, and 1 pixel (px) is typically equivalent to 1÷96 of an inch on most screens.

So, to convert pixels to points, you can use the following formula: (Pixels ÷ 96) × 72 = Points

This formula assumes a standard screen resolution of 96 pixels per inch. If you're working with a different resolution, you'll need to adjust accordingly. For example, if your screen resolution is 120 pixels per inch, you would replace the 96 in the formula with 120.

Conversion Table

1 pixel0.75 points
2 pixels1.5 points
3 pixels2.25 points
4 pixels3 points
5 pixels3.75 points
6 pixels4.5 points
7 pixels5.25 points
8 pixels6 points
9 pixels6.75 points
10 pixels7.5 points
11 pixels8.25 points
12 pixels9 points
13 pixels9.75 points
14 pixels10.5 points
15 pixels11.25 points
16 pixels12 points
17 pixels12.75 points
18 pixels13.5 points
19 pixels14.25 points
20 pixels15 points